Challenge yourself, Because you deserve it!

Starts on the 1st of every month

Why Sign-Up?

 If you are like many of us, you may have struggled with maintaining mental and physical health, growing in your spirituality, consistent body movement, losing/gaining weight, becoming complacent or simply gaining a love for yourself. Well, this may be the place for you. As members of the Reinforced community, we have all struggled with mental, physical, and Spiritual health. However, we have persevered through embracing challenges, enduring the process, and creating a mentality to do what is good for us even when we don’t “feel” like it. This challenge builds credibility with yourself by forming a Reinforced Lifestyle that changes everything. If you complete it, you will feel different. You will look different. You will see the world with a new empowered level of confidence. Through your own self-perseverance, you will also lead others into a better life.

What is it?​

Recovery Reinforced Challenge is a 30- day program that focuses on 7 daily disciplines proven for a better life.

Awakening, Sleep Routine, Mindful Diet, Water Intake, Body Movement, Interpersonal Skills, Goal Tracking 



  • Digital Health Booklet with an overview on how and why we implement this challenge.

  • Health tracking chart 

  • Community group chat

  • Mental/ Physical Health Coaching from Justo Chalaire

  • Workout plan

  • Weekly zoom calls and Daily coaching 

  • Accountability, Motivation, and Structure

(Available for beginners and experienced)

Many people say they want to invest in themselves, but it seems impossible to take the steps. Some people say “I can do it on my own” without a structure, foundation, or accountability and the results are limited. Let's ride together and let me give you a road map to a greater you.



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"What we can't do alone, we do together"

Justo Chalaire

(Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Certified Life Coach, Peer Support Specialist, and Personal Trainer)​.