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24 Hours

Today I will reflect on the 24 hours ahead. I woke up in a good mood this morning. I made coffee and then proceeded to make my bed. I stayed in comfortable clothes, probably because of the weather, and then I made an easy breakfast. I brought my caramel macchiato coffee and my oatmeal with berries, almonds, and maple syrup to my “meditation station.” As I started my morning reflection, I had the band Hillsong playing in the background. Music seems to be extremely uplifting for me and it always has been. Then, I studied some scripture which is part of my 2020 vision board. The scripture reminded me of the presence I feel in my life which is giving me a newfound strength and determination and I found this out of Romans 8:38-39. After my awakening, I had to finish getting ready. That is when I had a grateful thought come over me. The thought was, that I have many things I am looking forward to accomplishing this week, but I can only keep focus on my task for today because I don’t know what tomorrow holds. However, I am continuing to learn to better equip myself for each individual day. Like yesterday, I did an eight-hour Mental Health First Aid training which was very interactive. It kept me tuned in and I was able to take a lot from the training which will allow me to feel more confident in my interactions at work and in my community. This led me to keep thinking about the small things I have accomplished in each 24 hours which is allowing me to do better in the long run. This goes for financial too, like when I work 18 hours out of a 24-hour day to be able to feel more secure. It has paid off and I always get through it which rewards me later and continues to get easier. This also relates with healthy coping skills. Every time I get through a stressful or depressing episode it seems to make it easier for the next one. It’s as if I am learning a new trade and I am constantly equipped with better tools which makes the job easier. Anyways, I just hope to spread love where there is hatred and peace where there is turmoil today. I hope to carry myself in the will of my God. Which involves being of service to others. Which can be a helping hand or a listening ear that can carry far more value than any tangible item ever could.

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