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27 Club

I saw a post recently about the 27 club. This club represents the tragic deaths of several 27 year-old rock-stars throughout history. Some of these names are Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobaine, Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and many more. Although I am not a Rockstar, this topic brought value to my life for several reasons.

Similar to them, I grew up with a deep passion for music. I use to pull pots and pans for my drum kit. I’d play our family piano and create songs. I’d also rap or sing over homemade beats to vent how I felt about life or someone else. Looking back, there were some warning signs though. My songs had a lot of love for others but not for myself.

See, most of these musicians had similar content to my songs. Come to find out they also fought a lot of the same battles that I did. Outside of music, we relate because these musicians struggled with suicidal thoughts and drug-addiction. Unfortunately, This ended up being the cause of death for most of them. It was almost the same story for me as well.

My hopes are that these unfortunate events have brought awareness to the real issue, Drug-Addiction & Suicide. Not just for artist but for our population as a whole. I don't believe the 27 club is a curse. I believe it represents the real struggles among many young adults in our country. This is a reality but there is hope...

For anyone who may be struggling, I am here to testify that recovery is 100% possible. My name is Justo Chalaire, I am 27 years old, and I am free of suicidal thoughts and drug-addiction. That is why this topic brought value to my life.

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