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Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Today, my morning reflection caused me to think about the effect of complaining and how it opens the door for destruction. When I complain it accumulates in my head, allowing me to focus on the negative in a situation instead of having Faith in my higher power to use it for good. It causes discord, which is defined in music as- the lack of harmony between notes sounding together. This is the harmony I try keep in sync with my higher power in order to receive the spiritual gifts that are on offer. Some of these gifts are Love which brings selflessness, Joy which is like a strong sense of gladness, and Peace which produces an inner calm. I noticed speaking faith into existence sheds light on everything. It is sort of like a candle lit in one part of a house and when my words lack gratitude it pushes a gust of wind over that candle. It may night go completely out but it causes the light to dim. So, I try to keep this attitude of gratitude in order to see the light clearly. I seek this connection by reflecting on all that God has done for me to this point which is enough proof that he will always provide. Also, if someone acts outside of what I agree with, I have noticed a sense of meekness. This is another fruit of the spirit which has been found through simply questioning God’s will before or after I make a decision. For a while, it would usually be after I made an irrational decision but that allowed room to grow. That is the space where God could work so that I could start pausing and reflect on his will ahead of time. I am sort of just venting but the focus is on how I prevent complaining and remain grateful during dissatisfying times. I do this by simply reflecting on the good in every situation which has taught me that GOD can work GOOD into literally every situation.

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