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Activate Coping Skills

Good morning Reinforcements

I have had a build up of lifes stressors lately. As I have progressed, the amount of responsibility has progressed also. I have noticed an increase in irrational thoughts, the desire for unhealthy foods as a response to seek comfort, the lack of motivation for the gym, and even a decrease in focus when reading scripture and my desire for enjoyable activities.

However, the best part about this is i noticed it today and because im aware of it, I now have a decision.

Just for today, I choose life! I choose happiness! I choose to be the best Dad to my daughter to be. I choose to not get comfortable in my excuses and fight through them by taking action!

For someone like me, I can’t wait to take action to get my mental in check or things will build quickly. So, 5 seconds after this revelation, I stood up and walked to a mirror and started affirming myself with positive affirmations of who I am in Christ. Then, I turned music on in my living room and started doing jumping jacks on the spot, I did 100 push ups, I started doing high knees, and several other movements that came to mind but the point of this is,,, i just started doing. I eliminated the excuses and the self pity by remembering my Why and I prompted myself in under 8 seconds to activate coping skills and that’s when everything started to change. I followed up with a cold shower to improve blood flow and mental clarity and after these few actions I can feel a weight lifted off my chest. The anxiety has decreased, my mental clarity is back, the irrational thoughts have been eliminated, and my drive to seize the day is back activated!

The moral of the story is… if you want something to change you have to know Why you want to change it and that action is required to change it. If you don’t take action immediately you will most likely procrastinate and continue to put it off. If you continue to put it off nothing changes.


This is what I needed to do for my mental today, I will wake up tomorrow and start again

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