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Attitude of Gratitude

According to psychology today, Gratitude has several scientifically proven benefits. Showing gratitude to others such as a “Thank you” is said to open the door to new relationships and pleasant encounters with people you interact with. This very action increases the likeliness for someone to seek an ongoing relation. Gratitude can also directly affect your physical health. A study in 2012 was conducted which showed grateful people experience fewer aches and pains and feel healthier overall. This could be due to the fact that being grateful raises self-awareness and will allow me to appreciate myself which involves taking care of my health. Which can be done through exercise, nutrition, and even follow-ups with medical professionals. This also ties into mental health. One of my favorite affects from gratitude is it diminishes envy, frustrations, and regrets. It allows me to be content with what I have instead of comparing my life to others. It removes the frustrations of not being where I want in terms of goals or with other people. It also allows me to be ok with the things from my past which only instills gratitude today because it is no longer where I am at. Thank God! After losing everything, I find I can be grateful for just about anything. It is even said to decrease the desire to seek revenge on others you hold resentments against. It allows you to be empathetic and understanding of peoples struggles. It also creates a mindset which helps you to be understanding of things you may not know, which could have had a direct effect on someone’s actions that upset you. As I am writing this, I can’t help but to think of the word peace. This peace from a state of gratitude is also believed to bring better sleep which is directly stated from a study in 2011 which was published in Applied Psychology: Health and Well Being. After all the stresses and worries acquired throughout a day, jotting down a few things your grateful for can change your perspective. I agree with this 100% and experienced it in my own life. I did this by practicing the same technique during a 30-day Gratitude Challenge. So, it is clear that gratitude has several benefits but the response to the brain during these moments of gratitude is actually proven to increase dopamine levels (the happy chemical). Which would mean a grateful mind is a happy mind and we all want happiness. So, when we think the world is against us just remember how much God can and is doing for us. ( 1 Thessalonians 5:18- Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.


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