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Champion Coping

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

An ill behavior usually stems from a thought which turns to an emotion and promotes an action. However, when those emotions arise, we have an opportunity to re-direct our next action away from harmful ones of the past. Many people refer to this as a coping skill. This will help us to adapt and handle difficult situations when they arise.

One coping skill for me is exercise. This is best represented by Tyson Fury, Heavy Weight Boxing Champion of the World. His advocacy for fighting his mental health and addictions has a strong emphasis on physical exercise.

Exercise helps us to release endorphins and work towards goals. It also assist with stress reduction, mood stabilization, energy levels, and confidence.

For me personally, it is an outlet to overcome struggling thoughts and also prevent them from arising in the future. This process became pretty obvious in my experience....

I have never gone to the gym with struggling emotions, brain fog, or harmful thoughts and left with them.

So, I encourage everyone to embrace their Champion Coping Skills and get some movement in today because you deserve it!!!

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