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Faith Allows Works

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

My spiritual basis is what lets me sustain in my higher self which seems to have no limit. I have said it before, it is as if I live in a different dimension sometimes that allows me to experience a freedom and a courage to take action in worldy things that I couldn’t do before. My spirituality gives me peace through everything. Yes, this includes finances. This trust has let the spirit work miracles in sustaining my life when I open my heart to its presence. My social life is also affected. I seem to be relieved of social anxiety when I seek a spiritual connection knowing that my God has given me an identity and created me to have a connection among others. My occupation and direction in life has been based off prayer which lead me to both of the jobs I have today through unexplainable circumstances. My physical awareness has changed based off of listening to my body through meditations(Spiritual). This has made it easier to make the right choices to take care of the body that the creator has given me. My intellect is also heightened through deep meditations. My connection has allowed me to remain teachable. I have also prayed for better reading/learning comprehension and it has continuously gotten better. This spiritual realm has had a tremendous impact on my environments. It has created an aura around me which repels negative environments and seems to attract supportive ones that truly care for my well-being. These are all great but the biggest affect I have noticed, is that my spiritual condition has had a huge part on my emotional wellness. The more I seek my spirituality the more my emotions seem to stay in balance. I gain a better understanding of myself during this process. I cannot always change my first emotion but the trust in prayer, during and before my emotional imbalance, has helped me react to it better. It is possible for spirituality to link these areas of wellness also. For example, my environmental* changes through a spiritual attraction caused the right people to be put in my life. Which creates my social* network(fellowship) that I can call on when my emotions* are extreme. I actually just went through all 8 dimensions of wellness but I gave a brief description on how my spiritual wellness plays a part in each one. This has allowed me to discover my true identity and purpose through a power beyond me. It has directed me on a path that God has laid out for me. So, I will continue to trust the process and do the next right thing. It is said," Faith without works is dead” and today, my faith allows works.

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