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Faith over Fear

During an eerie time like now, I have realized the best thing to do is shed light on every situation. I will go over a few things I have done over the past week, which has made this experience a little easier. First, I definitely put a limit to my news feed. This includes social media because it started to be my go-to in a time of fear but it simply aided the fear. This distracted me from seeking my higher power as my go-to and keeping peace. Another good focus has been setting more time to get in tune with my inner self. I have done this through prayer and sitting at my “meditation station”(an area created for prayer and meditation) more than once a day. This seems to be my anchor to keep me from drifting to far as feelings of fear, stress, anxiety, and frustration set in(Peace, Be Still). I have also been impacted by the gyms closing. However, my two friends and I have gotten creative with our work outs and made an outdoor home gym with what we have. This created an outdoor, small group activity and time for fellowship which is much needed for humans in general but especially now. Another One of the biggest impacts has been with all the stores and food businesses. It was hard to find everything I needed and it was sad to watch some of the selfishness at the stores. But I understand that people had extreme fear that has kicked in, which sparked a survival mode. On the bright side, I have cooked and had more at-home dinners with my roommate in the last week than the entire time we lived together. We are eating healthy and took time to discuss small goals while eating these meals. One goal that we set was completing yard/house work. Due to our current situation, we figured we would go ahead and get started. So we spent all day Saturday cleaning out a shed, killing weeds, planting flowers, cutting grass, spraying insecticide, raking leaves, and putting some final touches on our gym. Creating these little projects has been extremely helpful. I realize now more than ever how being in recovery has definitely built self-sufficiency that I never had but I don't like that I have to miss meetings and church now. This has limited accountability and my opportunity to be of service. However, the church is not the building, it is the people and the meetings I go to are formed by the people. So, as the people we have had to get creative with online services for church and also with sites such as zoom and google to carry out meetings. I call others in recovery and reach out if something is really affecting me which has actually created growth. This change of perspective has allowed me to see good in almost all aspects. The universe is simply testing us and it is a perfect time to follow through with good morals. We can continue to look for opportunities to help someone like an elderly person that was not able to get the necessities they needed. Or a phone call to someone who would be more isolated in a time like this. We can also bring positivity to the conversations that are being sparked in our environments. Maybe we can rebuttal negativity with a perspective on gratitude and how much we still have to be grateful for. Such as loved ones, and what a great time to reconnect and spend with them. With minimal distractions, this is simply an opportunity. Especially to connect with your higher source because Faith is simply tested during times like this. I have witnessed hope around the world and in my own life but my faith is in the unknown, that this will all work itself out and be for the common good. So for now, I will bring light to the situation and continue to work on me, by setting small spiritual, physical, environmental, financial, and emotional goals.

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