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Freedom of Me

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

The more willingness I had to depend on God, the more independent I became. I realized this when I noticed that God is always there which seems pretty dependable to me. This same realization allowed me to get through struggles when there wasn’t someone always around because I knew he would carry me through. After some of my experiences with this I knew he was my go-to. So, I started to pray for everything(Philippians 4:6)including job opportunities and financial security because I had nothing and it was hard to see how he would work in my life. Now when I look back, it all seemed to fall into place on a perfect time frame. I was able to pray on peace, courage, and acceptance too. Which allowed me to not rely on anyone but God to receive those things. When I put full dependence on God, a Power much greater than me, there is no earthly situation that can affect me. I try to look for God in everything. If I lack the ability to make a bold life decision on my own, I know God will walk through it with me, which gifts me with courage(1 chronicles 28:20). If something doesn’t seem to be falling in place on my time, I depend on God to work it out. In return, I receive the gift of patience. When I am broken, I reach out to God even more, which gives me a gift of desperation( Romans 8:26). The God I believe in can reach someone in desperation the best, which opens a spiritual connection to receive not just spiritual gifts but in my case, miracles. Today, I am a loving son, brother, soon to be uncle, productive member of society and a messenger, only through my dependence on God. When I solely depend on self, this is not possible. Which is part of my testimony, that Justo’s will reflects a man that is the exact opposite of who people see today. I owe it all to God and this is called Transformation (Romans 12:2)which was only possible through my dependence on him. Calling on God for just about everything is not always easy, but my willingness has grown during this process as I experienced Phenomena and prayer confirmations. I have also learned from my recent actions in self-will, how I still come up short when I try to do so. So, it is clear that my God provides, in every way, with everything that I need, because He knows me better than anyone. Which in return gives me a confident sense of independence that I never had.

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