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I can, I will

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

As a peer support specialist for the Federation of Families of SC, I am currently preparing some concepts for workshops at our "destination wellness" annual event. While focusing on emotional wellness there were some strong points that stood out to me. One is our thought process. It is debilitating to belittle ourselves on the way to results. These thoughts sound like “I can’t do this,” “I’m not good enough,” or “I’ll never complete that task.” This can be the exact thing that holds us back from achieving goals such as weight loss, eating healthy, job task/progression, reducing anxiety, or improving our overall mental health.

A simple thought that I cannot do something can create a feeling of self-doubt. Now my self-doubt will be the motivator behind my action and that will determine the final result. This track needs to follow encouraging thoughts like “I know I can do this,” like public speaking or completing a workout. I now feel reassured so that I can carry myself with confidence or push myself to the next limit.

These limits come with failure but my perspective has to change to embrace failure. Even the best have failed many times because this is the only way we can grow or learn lessons in our lives in order to do better. Having this mindset will allow me to take action with motivation that "I will" achieve my ultimate results of bettering my performance in many areas. This includes spiritual goals, gym goals, weight goals, reading goals, relationship goals, diet goals, work goals, financial goals etc….

”If I had the choice daily, what would I choose to believe about myself!” Well…I do. And I can and I will!

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