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Message to Men

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

This morning I had a Men’s group where we discussed the impact of men on building a foundation in their families and communities. One statistic stated that if a child is the first person in a household to become a Christian, there is a 3.5% probability everyone else in the household will follow. If the mother is the first to become a Christian, there is a 17% probability everyone else in the household will follow. However, when the father is first, there is a 93% probability everyone else in the household will follow. This is a proven fact on the impact that men have on creating guidance and discipline in an environment. I can testify to this first hand having grown up without a father. I seemed to have no direction or authority in my life. Even though my Mom was just about as strong as a mother could be, it still did not have the same effect and that statistic of 17% can relate to this.

This goes to show that as men we have to step up. We need to set an example in all our living environments. Through God or some sort of principles we have to use it to uphold a level of integrity which guides us in order to display it to our surroundings. This would mean that if we are Men of God or of principles, we hold true to that in front of and behind closed doors. I used to struggle with living by honesty, faithfulness, and love in all situations. I couldn’t stay true to my character depending on the situation or who I was around. This made my actions invalid as a man who is supposed to set an example. However, I have noticed an extreme change of heart and have prayed for those defects specifically to be removed. I started to be more aware of my integrity in all environments and I achieved this as a man of faith who follows scriptures that offer principles, promises, and warnings.

Today, I know what to do to maintain this spiritual connection which offers me empowerment and defense. I seek it in the morning and I seek it at night, and I have to continue to seek in every moment in between because the world will constantly attempt to lead me astray. This is where I hope to give hope to others. Specifically to men since that was the topic today and so many statistics show how much a male figure impacts the quality of lives. I am not sure if most people would agree with this but that is my opinion. I also know that I never had a worldly father growing up but I have had a heavenly one who I now obtain my spiritual DNA from which offers me the direction I never had. That is the foundation which I hope to build all of my interactions on, which can in turn set a positive example for people in my community and my future family.

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