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My name is just a label

My name is Justo Chalaire.

BUT, That name does not define who I am. Actually, the word Justo is defined in Spanish as just, fair, or right and believe me, even though I think this sometimes, that is not always me lol. My name actually doesn’t say much about who I am at all. For instance, If I had a different name, like … Jabronius. That’s what you all would call me, but I would still be who I truly am. The odd part is that if someone asked me, ”Who are you”, I would respond with my label, which is Justo Chalaire.

Label, that’s the word I was looking for. Its like those names they put on a Soda can such as Coke, Pepsi, or Mountain Dew. Those names are cool and all, but they don’t define what the product is. Those products are filled with… well I won’t go into it but it’s not very good content. The wild part is we only call these products by those labels because they were placed on them by man. However, if I was told to call a Coca-Cola a Cat, I would have been asking all my childhood friends for a cold CAT on a hot summer day.

I say this to point out that we all define who we are by the Labels we have received, and the stigmas attached to those labels. Those labels held me back for years. My label is Justo Chalaire and growing up, I had stigmas attached to that label such as mischievous, hard-headed, manipulator, crazy and eventually drug-addict, jail bird, and good for nothing. Fortunately, I found out that’s not the truth at… I am actually who God says I am. Whooah! Did I just go there? Yes, because until I realized my true identity in God, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut-off trying to figure out who I am. This is what God told me…

First off… He said that I was created in His image! That means everything I think is flawed is actually perfection in the eyes of God. This means I am not a slave to those thoughts in my mind. This means I'm not a slave to things of this world. God told me I am direct heir of him, I am a son of God. Which is the coolest adoption ever because it is into Gods Kingdom. Which is probably comes with the best inheritance ever because it’s from the Creator! My inheritance actually started when I accepted God, I got the Holy Spirit. I didn’t do anything to deserve this but God did the work to preserve me. Now I am made worthy to be a temple of God. Whaaaa! Yes, I am the temple of the Holy Spirit. This means I am empowered by the Holy Spirit to do great works.

So, I basically identified myself as my name and everything I have ever been labeled as. Then God told me that was all False. I accepted God and then received the power to believe in myself.

Now, I cant leave the best part out. Once, I recognized my true identity it came with new labels attached to my earthly name. These labels looked like Joy, Self-Control, Peace, Kindness, Gentleness (I’d choose these any day). I realized these were fruits that God promised me. Then it got even better because these fruits allowed me to be better a brother, uncle, son, co-worker, and friend to everyone I encounter. This means that I have been transformed through my true identity and the result is people no longer attach “bad content” to my label.

My name is “Child of God” thank you for letting me share.

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