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Overcome Limited Beliefs

Overcome limited Beliefs

Our first step is to choose our desired outcome.

1. You must know what you want to work towards to set a mark.

Ex: Man of God, Healthy and loving parent, Respectful and supportive Husband, Competitive athlete, Independent and self-sustainable, successful business owner… etc

Once we have decided this, we may notice limiting beliefs still come up. These come up as complaints, excuses, negative thoughts, indulging in unhealthy habits, telling ourselves we can’t or not good enough, fears, and procrastination.

2. Write these down or type them on your notes if they come up today. We don’t want these to lay dormant in our lives ! Recognize them and Bring them to life!

Then think are they learned beliefs from childhood experiences? Has culture taught me to give in to these beliefs? Am I trying to hide from pain Or hurt ? Has someone pushed me to believe these things about myself ?

3. Then ask yourself how do these limiting beliefs serve me today ? What do these beliefs cause me to sound like ? Feel like ? What does it look like ?

4. Then replace them with empowering beliefs.

“Responsibility for change rest in my hands” “Change happens instantly when I’m committed” “Things must change now” “I choose happiness instead of complaints form the old me” “I have the ability to accomplish my goals”

Write these on paper and affirm yourself(out loud) daily !

“When you believe these , change happens”

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