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Pay it Forward

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Living in a will of self-causes me to idolize things such as money, materials, work accomplishments, and lust which brings temporary happiness. As I remind myself of this, I keep thinking about a doctor that I met. This doctor told me he had everything he ever wanted. After finishing years of school, landing his dream job, building his dream house, drove multiple cars, and living what most would call the “dream” life, He still said something was missing and was not happy. I know I must have had a questionable look but then he proceeded to tell me, “I lived my life for myself.” He did not explain any further, but it sparked a thought that I still go back to today. This morning, I linked it with something I heard recently on a common dialogue platform. This platform linked the similarities of different beliefs, giving them a common platform to stand on. The message that everyone related on this day, was that the “pursuit of happiness” should come second to the “pursuit of service.” Over and over, I kept hearing… “I lived my life for myself” and I realized the doctor only found temporary happiness in doing so. So, I ask myself, why is service so vital to a life of happiness? Well, first off it gives meaning to the question of Life. Helping others, fulfills a purpose and I believe we all have a calling to assist where others struggle. In my own life, I realized I have a passion to be of service to others in areas I have been directly affected. Some of mine were in addiction, mental health, and behavioral struggles. I genuinely receive Joy of seeing others take a track with me to better their lives because I have seen the worst of it as well as the benefits of recovery. Also, once someone reaches a level of success and they use it to give back it brings a meaningful happiness for that individual. Winston Churchill stated, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give” which seems to be a trending theme. So, acts of service and giving on all levels of society seems to fulfill happiness because enriching others’ lives results in the enrichment of ours.

What parts of self stand in the way of my service to others?

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