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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Procrastination- The action of delaying or postponing something

This is the story of my life. The scariest part is that I became so comfortable not doing things that are good for me that I procrastinated doing things that were. I became comfortable complaining, making excuses, and sitting in my own shit(excuse my French). That was my fall back for never getting started.

               The thing is people were constantly telling me what was good for me. Things like morning reflections, prayer/meditation, exercise, drink more water, eat healthier, sleep routine etc. However, I constantly postponed the process for each one. I would say I was to busy in the mornings instead of waking up 10 minutes earlier. I would say God doesn’t hear me when I pray so I would give up instead keeping faith. I would make excuses for why I cannot make it to the gym because my life is to busy even though I could set aside times to make it work. I would see water all day long and simply not drink enough of it because it didn’t taste good or “it’s not that important” even though our bodies are made up of mostly water. I would also eat any type of food

whenever I wanted too instead of eliminating unhealthy items that are known to harm my physical and mental health.  My sleep routine was to just fall asleep when I got tired instead of preparing myself to sleep and setting an alarm to wake up. These are all good essentials for my life, so I had to start incorporating them. Without them I was not even giving myself a fighting chance.

               So, you might be asking how? Well, I realized I had to get started. I planned my days to incorporate positive actions and little by little it evolved. Since I became comfortable without health actions it was a little uncomfortable getting started but that is where I grew. I saw the benefits and that is why I continued…

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