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What is my Purpose?

This is one those life questions that everyone will ask themselves. I know I did my whole life but I never seemed to get the answer. I believe one of my struggles was that I was searching for a purpose that was centered on myself. This means that if I asked myself the question Why is that my purpose, it was simply for selfish gains. However, I hit a point where my perspective completely changed. It started when I realized that me, as an individual, was much smaller than a group of people. I let this thought evolve into our energy being much bigger than my own. As this progressed, I started believing in a Higher Power that had much bigger plans for me. Now, this is where life became overwhelmingly beautiful. I formed an identity in God and as I grew in a relationship my purpose began to unfold. It was to simply use my experiences and passions to help have a positive impact on others. Although I identified my purpose I didn't chase it or I could have gone mad. First, I had to find balance in myself so that I could be a vessel for others. This balance consisted of humbling actions, consistent prayer/meditation, exercise, faith, and spiritual growth. This may sound pretty simple but the truth of the matter is that it’s very difficult sometimes. Especially during hard times, I question Why? Why do I keep going. Well, My answer is, "The Why? is enough for me to cry." It literally brings me to tears when I think about why I should keep going. I know there are people who need me to continue to fulfill my God given purpose. That's how I know I have found it. So, I will fight to give hope, show love, and be a living example for those who have struggled in ways I have. My experiences have done everything for me and it is no longer just about me anymore, God has made that very clear.


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