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Recovery Rafting

This past weekend I went on a white water rafting trip with 20 people in recovery. We came from different parts of South Carolina including Greenwood, Spartanburg, Charleston, and Hilton Head. But As soon as we all linked up it was as if we had known each other forever because of our common journey. So, we commenced shoulder to shoulder on that common journey and started a beautiful day down the Chatooga River in Clayton, GA.

We saw tributaries, wild-life, waterfalls, and the immaculate works of the Creator. It was epic, especially the rock jump that most of us participated in. However, there was an extremely “woke” moment I had when we stopped for lunch. We were on a huge rock bolder and I saw a section that was calling my name. It was on the edge of a rock and looked like a chair had been carved into it. So I sat down and started to meditate with my feet dangling in a flow of water. Then I opened my eyes and I saw unchartered waters that we haven’t gone down yet. There was rocks, waterfalls, fallen trees, and boulders that were all on our path. As well as a sharp turn around a bend that I could not see after. Then a thought came to me, that looks like recovery. There will be obstacles in the way and there will be parts that I don’t know what lies ahead but that makes it exciting because I already know what a relapse will bring me… Jails, Institutions, or Death. The coolest part about this enlightenment I experienced was that I remembered I’m in a raft with others. Together we will help tread the waters and I thought of our guide as my “Higher Power” who will give us the directions to stay on course. This moment put me on a spiritual plane but I tried to contain it and eat my lunch as I continued taking in the view. Then, With Faith, we got back on our rafts and we trusted that we had what we needed to face what lies ahead.

I am still on that spiritual plane and I will fly as long it allows me. I am glad that I can have these experiences and a group to share them with. So, just for today, I am full of hope and I will face what lies ahead with Joy. This is Recovery.

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