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Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Reinforced-Strengthen an existing feeling, idea, or habit; to strengthen or increase by fresh additions

Reinforcing our thoughts, feelings, ideas, or behaviors is primarily related to the response we give or receive from those behaviors. The principle is to form and strengthen positive behaviors through reinforced psychology and this a foundational aspect of Reinforced Coaching. We structure our sessions and follow-ups to focus on positive reinforcement to form a stronger belief about ourselves and the world around us.

Have you ever heard of the term "positive reinforcement"? This is a technique that changes or approves positive behaviors by reinforcing or validating that behavior. However, positive behaviors differ for different people. For example, a dog can receive a reward for using the bathroom outside could be viewed different than a child who is celebrated for cursing. Both received reinforcement of their behaviors but they both may not bring positive behaviors.

To take part in the Reinforced Method, you have to identify what behaviors you expect of yourself. This is usually linked to your values and beliefs. For example, If I believe in a healthy lifestyle because I value my body and life, then I expect to conduct myself with healthy behaviors. This includes eating grilled instead of fried or taking a walk while on the phone instead of talking on the couch.

The best way to reinforce your beliefs that serve you for good are by rewarding yourself. You can do this through setting goals that are aligned with your beliefs. For example, I believe in a healthy lifestyle. So, I can set a goal of completing five workouts in one week and then reward myself as a form of approval to that behavior. This is easier said than done because our minds are wired to focus on the negative.

Which takes us to another way of reinforcing a behavior which is to make someone else aware of the goals you are working towards. This is where a coach comes in because self-can't always see self. As a coach approves and gives recognition to your progress it will reinforce that behavior and the result is a stronger belief in that area.

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