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As a kid I grew up in the catholic church which had beautiful traditions. One of these is Lent, which is simply a season of reflection and preparation before celebrating the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus, Easter.

This time is used to replicate Jesus Christs’ sacrifice when going into the desert for 40 days. Many people will use this time to engage in spiritual disciplines like fasting or simply give something up. Spiritual Disciplines allow us to strengthen our prayer life, seek Gods guidance, and most of all express repentance and return to God. Well the cool part about lent is that it starts with “Ash Wednesday” which is today and it represents repentance. I know that word "repentance" can be kind of scary. I actually lied in my first confession as a child because I was so terrified of it. But now I see the importance of confronting wrong doings in order to change so I absolutely agree with it.

So, I want to challenge everyone to give up something that is hard for them to do. Then ask God to search you for things to repent for. This allows us to “draw near to God”, who desires a relationship with us, as we get closer to Easter.

p.s. This is a huge motive behind the wellness challenges we embrace and can be done at any time

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