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My reflection from 11/24/19

"A lot happens in one day, both negative and positive. If we do not take the time to appreciate both, perhaps we will miss something that will help us grow."

This reflection pointed out a key word to me, Responsibilities….

Responsibilities can feel negative but the result is a positive and I have to appreciate that. Even just the word can be overwhelming because I feel like responsibilities could be an endless list like; Waking up on time, eating right, exercise, paying bills, productivity at work, wearing my seatbelt, taking care of household (laundry, dishes, groceries, toiletries, trash, etc.) Also, on top of so many other things, for someone in recovery it is key to make meetings and still offer service to others going through similar struggles.

Personally, I have felt a burden from all of these responsibilities lately. Especially because I feel like I am not able to offer as much service because of responsibilities in my personal life.

However, the one thing that I remind myself of, is the reason I take care of these responsibilities in the first place and the good things they bring in my life...

I look at my household duties as taking pride in my living space and keeping up with it makes me feel better because it's a blessing to have a home.

I look at the challenges at work as an area to grow and to get better to become a more productive person after all the years I fell behind (some catching up to do).

My meetings and service to others is what helps remind me of where I was at and keep direction in my life for moving forward.

My health decisions with food and exercise gives me mental stability and clarity. This helps me to be better for those around me.

My responsibility to handle stresses throughout the day can teach me to understand healthy boundaries and ways to COPE so that I can be stronger for the days ahead.

These responsibilities could seem dreadful and even feel negative but I choose to focus on the good that comes from them.

There is an optimistic view on everything that can help us to grow!

This mindset has changed everything for me. I am honestly in a good mood majority of the time. Some people have even told me I am optimistic even in extreme situations but that is the change that has occurred in my heart which is directly related to my spiritual wellness.

As this perspective has formed, these daily tasks have become easier. So, when a challenging responsibility is brought about, I know that I have the tools to get through it and that it will only make me that much stronger. Have a blessed day ya’ll.

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