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Temple of the Spirit

Yesterday I realized that there is less self-care that is required when working from home. It sort of got to me and so I made it a point to still get up and get ready as if it was a regular day today. One of the biggest things I am noticing, especially through online meetings, is that the men aren’t shaving anymore or worrying about how they present themselves lol. I can relate because I felt the same way and started doing the same thing. Today, I will be making a point of it to keep up with my presentation for myself. This fits under a category of self-care and I refuse to let these adjustments effect my well-being. Self-care is huge for me because I look at the body as a temple which holds our spirit. When I take care of that spiritual temple it allows me to maintain my physical and emotional health. One aspect of this I try to focus on is through my diet/nutrition and exercise. I have noticed that this has a direct effect on my energy levels and how I feel, as well as boosting my immunity. I also strive to maintain hygiene, cleanliness, and physical appearance/maintenance which shows a level of respect for myself and also for the people in my environment. A benefit of this maintenance is self-confidence which is a necessity for me because I have always lacked in that area. I know it would be easy during a time like this, without interaction and accountability, to lose focus in this aspect. However, I also know that I would only be selling myself short. So, as I reflect on the importance of self-care, I am seeing how it is more important now than ever to keep up with it for my overall health. (1 Corinthians 6:19)

What are you doing to maintain your self-care during a time like this?

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