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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Someone asked me recently, am I willing to go to any length for my recovery? This was obviously a question of my willingness to keep up with my recovery. It reminded me that a lack of recovery is a devastating life, even without drugs. This caused me to reflect back on my last crisis and how it was. Then I reminded myself, Yes, my answer is Yes. But it didn’t stop there. It made me think about how my answer to that question has to be yes, every day. So, to keep my willingness activated, I remember what my last crisis was like and how this is progressive so it will only get worse. Then, I reflect on what “I” am doing to remain well, today. Am “I” reaching out to my support, today? “Am “I” continuing to take suggestions, today? Am “I” continuing to do what I already know has worked for me, today? (awakening, prayer, meditation, to-do list, journaling, music, workout, try to eat healthy, vulnerability, help others) I highlighted “I” because no one can do it for me. MY recovery is MY personal journey and "I "can only get out of it what “I” put into it. That question shed light on this and to areas that I have let up on. It also showed my lack of open-mindedness and willingness to try new suggestions that could further my recovery instead of getting comfortable where I am at. I know that getting comfortable, "not doing things" is a slippery slope for me. So, after reflecting on what a lack of willingness can take me back too, I reiterate the question. Just for today, What length are you willing to go to for your recovery?

  • small steps are still progress

  • progress not perfection

  • love your growth

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