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Brand Discovery Coaching

Our Work

Brand Discovery Coaching offers a range of services including brand identity development, brand strategy, logo and website design, photography, videography, social media content and literature design. Our projects showcase our expertise in crafting unique brand identities, developing comprehensive strategies, and creating visually appealing materials to communicate brand offerings effectively.

Website & Online Presence Design

All websites are meticulously crafted to embody your brand identity and optimize user-friendliness for seamless navigation. 

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Logo Design

We specialize in creating Primary and Secondary Logos, along with unique Patterns that embody your brand's essence. Our expertise ensures that your logo reflects your brand's core values and effectively communicates your mission, product value proposition, and tagline, enhancing your brand's impact and recognition.

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Brand Strategy for Non-Profits

This framework outlines the steps we take to develop a strong brand strategy for our organization, including metrics showing improvement over a one-year period. By aligning all marketing efforts with our mission and values, consistently communicating our core purpose, and inspiring supporters to contribute to achieving our goals, we set plans to increase our reach and track improvement over time.

Mission Driven Marketing
The client achieved a 150% increase in engagement and reach compared to the same month in

Our client achieved a 150% increase in reach and increase in engagement on Facebook compared to the same month in the previous year.

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