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Fists in Solidarity

For Non-Profits

Vision. Brand. Growth.

Our coaching service specializes in guiding nonprofits through strategic growth and branding initiatives. With a profound understanding of the nonprofit sector, we emphasize strategies that resonate with your mission, vision, values, and goals, ensuring genuine community impact. We prioritize responsible spending and revenue generation to create long-term, sustainable solutions. Your community's well-being is our shared goal, and we're dedicated to helping you maximize your impact

Strategic Vision Coaching

Propel your organization towards remarkable impact. Refine your mission and vision, create precise objectives, and navigate obstacles with expert guidance focused for nonprofit success. Turn your mission into action and metrics. 


Grant Success Coaching

Our hands-on approach empowers clients to co-write grants, teaching essential skills and key strategies for effective grant writing. Our mission is to ensure sustainable grant writing success for our nonprofit partners


Brand Discovery Coaching

Discover your identity and amplify your presence. Our strategic branding expertise focuses on data-driven goals, offering services including logo design, website development, and marketing material revamping for a comprehensive transformation.


The Team

Our tight-knit team of four experts brings a diverse range of skills and knowledge to every project.

We're driven by a shared passion for making a difference, infusing each project with enthusiasm and expertise. Our work brings us genuine joy, and we're thrilled at the chance to contribute to your organization's success.

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