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Easy Way out

A friend who is struggling told me yesterday that he just wants to take the easy way out. I read his message and after long contemplation, I kept thinking how the easy way out creates the hardest way back in. This relates to Recovery and all around life. For me, the easy way out is to run from my responsibilities or self-harm/use substances. However, I found that this only creates more problems in my life. Before I know it, I will distance myself from people who genuinely care and gravitate towards more toxic environments. “Misery” tends to love company in my experience. Then I start to neglect responsibilities and care for others. After that, people who do care about me, tend to distance themselves for there own good. Now I am alone and consumed in my own doubts. So, when I look at the starting point of taking the easy way out, I was in a much better situation to face the obstacle. So, "The easy way out, creates the hardest way back in."

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