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Meditation Station

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Meditation is a beautiful thing without limits. I feel like it can be used to work out or train your minds in comparison to training your body through exercises. In my methods, it is when I am sitting still and trying to keep a focus on one thing even when my mind wonders. Sometimes this is simply done by reading, writing, or some sort of creative process. I keep an area which I call my "Meditation Station" which consist of a bible, prayer books, daily reflections, AA books, candles and lights. This seems to work for me and I leave it prepared so that it welcoming me at anytime of the day. However, I stay open minded to many practices where I become one with my body. I can do this by closing my eyes, focusing on my natural breathing, and then transferring my mind to different focal points such as my feet, legs, groin, stomache, chest, and head. I have also tried yoga, guided meditation, candlelight meditation and a few others. They all seem to bring relief and overall peace into my life by being in the moment. It works on my mindfulness and has been proven to lower blood pressure and heart rate as well as decreasing stress which is very beneficial for my specific struggles. So, I guess I really like how it is not limited and if I remain open minded I can explore multiple areas on a self-adventure of meditation.

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