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Mustard Seed

Faith the size of a mustard moves mountains. This is what’s spoken in the bible by Jesus. Now let me tell you what this means to me…

I did not know a lot about God a couple years ago. However, I realized that I was powerless, and I was not God. So, this opened my mind to start seeking. As I sought, people around me were believing and reflecting God. I saw people who were just as broken as me and they bore what I learned were “fruits of the spirit.” This looked like love, joy, patience, kindness, faithfulness, and self-control. It blew my mind and I started to believe that God could do for me what he did for them. So, I turned my will and life over to Jesus with simply knowing, it works. Well, that ended up giving me faith which turned to courage. As months went on, I faced many challenges that I needed courage for. For starters, I had to take a look at myself. I avoided this my entire life, so it was not easy to do. I had to view my traumas and then look at the harms I caused. During this time, I had to keep faith that I would overcome the wreckage of my past. This included every broken relationship I had ever had in my life. From family to loved ones, I had to keep faith that God would restore them. Well, he did… and multiplied it times 10! I am closer with everyone in my family today. I even re-connected with my Father who was not in my life for many years. I am also closer to my friends and have been provided with new ones as well. Those are just a few examples but believe me, He restored relationships beyond what I imagined!

My past also accumulated felonies… this brought a lot of fear and held me back from job opportunities. So, I had to keep faith that God would provide through my debt and uncertainty. Well, he did… after several jobs denying me due to my pending charges I prayed wholeheartedly for God to give me direction. Moments later I came across a position for a Peer Support Specialist job. I applied, I did an interview, and I received an offer. This was a God given opportunity to give back with my experiences in mental health, addiction, and behavioral struggles! I even told this job about my charges during the interview and they were ok with it. This was a complete blessing, but I remained in fear because the court dates were still pending for these felony charges. Believe me, this challenged my faith tremendously. However, I kept the same faith that God would have his hand on the results. Well, I dropped to my knees the night before my court date, completely trusting God. When I went to court the next morning, an accumulation of 7 felonies were dropped completely and I walked away with a misdemeanor… God knew my heart going into this and then he provided. This reassured my faith and was another part of my testimony. These are just a few examples but faith is clearly working.

To sum it up...I was broken before I found God. I wasn’t just at 0 or my bottom, I was in a darker place I call the negative. I was suicidal, depressed, hopeless, and insecure. I was in spiritual, mental, physical, and financial debt. However, I hesitantly started to trust God. Well, He never failed any of his promises throughout ever part of it. God was working but I still had to do my part everyday to seek Him. Throughout the process, I have learned that no matter what, God’s got me. So, if someone mentions Matthew 17:20, I will testify to Gods word. My faith was as small as a mustard seed and God moved mountains.

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